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Forums are back up
Posted on Aug 08, 2019 by Mon732

The forums are back up and running thanks to Dopey.

Everything should be fine but if you notice anything broken please let us know by posting in the bugs and discussions board.

Forum is down
Posted on Aug 07, 2019 by Mon732

The forums are currently down, we are working to get them back online. Apologies for the inconvienience.

Also a message from Jiffy regarding the contest:

"If the forum is down for an arbitrary amount of time, I (Jiffy) will consider an extension to the contest by an arbitrary amount of time. For now, have this pastebin of the rules if you need to look at particular conditions for the current contest. https://pastebin.com/ZzJSeLBB

The Clock is ticking!
Posted on Jul 06, 2019 by Jefe962

The Clocktower Contest is about a month in. There is still time to create your entry and submit it. More information can be found here. If it wasn't clear, this contest is clocktower themed, and I am very interested to see what everyone comes up with.

The next contest will be picked from the Contest ideas page. Make sure you submit a good contest - you might be the one to host it!

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